As a playwright, I’m a two-time recipient of the Paul Stephen Lim Award from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. My work has been developed at the Boston Playwrights’ Theater, Company One Theater, Fresh Ink Theater, Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, and at NYU in collaboration with the Flea Theater. In 2017, my play Memorial was an honorable mention on the Kilroys’ List.



When her “untraditional” memorial is selected to commemorate Vietnam veterans on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., 21-year-old architect Maya Lin finds herself defending it to the veterans, the United States Congress, and even her own parents. As the opposition to her design gains momentum, Maya must make a difficult choice.


Beijing, 1975. As the city slowly recovers from the Cultural Revolution, an acupuncture student must choose between joining his teacher to attempt to heal the near-death Chairman Mao, or to flee the city with a girl with a deadly secret.


In the 1980’s, a group of Bangladeshis journeyed to China to learn how to run a garment factory. In the present day, American executive Brian Murray follows his boss to Bangladesh to investigate the collapse of a garment factory. What he finds in Dhaka is a woman who can’t keep her story straight, and some engineering that doesn’t add up. As Brian digs deeper for the truth, the past and present converge in unexpected ways. A play about first loves, capitalism, and the price we pay for globalization.

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