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For American Conservatory Theater’s Production of Madhuri Shekar’s In Love and Warcraft

American Conservatory Theater/by Dani Karonis

Command + Strategy= Love IRL

College senior Evie prefers the online role-playing game World of Warcraft to real life. In the game, she’s a fearless warrior with a boyfriend. In real life, she ghostwrites love letters for people, even though she’s never been in love. When Evie becomes attracted to her client Raul, she must decide whether or not to let her powerful and sexy warrior character out in the real world. Playwright Madhuri Shekar (House of Joy, HBO’s upcoming The Nevers) conjures a cosplay-loving romantic comedy about intimacy and love in the digital age. 

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

For Romeo and Juliet

Star-cross’d lovers. Feuding families. You know the story. But have you seen it hip hop–style? This fresh take on the Bard’s timeless tale serves up teenage angst, insta-love, and epic rivalries with a side of historical beef.

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